Boat Safari To Abu Galoum

Boat Safari to Abu Galoum

In the north, well recognized for the beauty of the reef and the spirit outside of the water. There you’ll find a small Bedouin village and a few huts similar to how Dahab used to be a few years ago.

 Early in the morning, the jeep will drive you to the end of the road at the blue hole area, where a small boat will be waiting for us , then on a few kilometers to the site. Bedouins will take care of packing the equipment, the tanks and the food .


After about 20 min, we should be at the dive site ready to assemble our equipment and get the dive started. The Bedouins, who will be following, will also take care of preparing the lunch served either between the two dives or at the end of the dives.


At the end of the day, we’ll pack everything again and head back to blue hole by boat then to dahab by jeep.