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Dive Sites - Deep Blue Dahab Holidays

Dahab Dives Sites

Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is one of  Dahab’s most famous dive sites. Located about thirty minutes jeep ride from Dahab, it is accessible from shore with entry into the blue water just a few meters from the rocky shoreline. Bedouin type facilities surround the main entry – exit points, with toilets, seating, food and drinks available. Whilst entry into the Blue Hole pool is one option, quite a nice alternative is to make a short walk to the north, along the rocky coastal path and enter through a gap in the shoreline rocks.


The Canyon is one of the most popular dive sites in Dahab and an essential dive for all fanatics of caves and cavern diving. The Canyon is up to 10m deep and virtually closed over at the top. It snakes its way up from the depths, to emerge in a large glassfish-filled coral dome, the Fishbowl. After an easy shore entry, you cross a sandy lagoon that opens onto a gently sloping reef marked with coral heads. The amazing and eerie canyon soon comes into view. It has three main openings. At about 12 m is the fishbowl. Below that is another large bowl, opening at about 20m.

Golden Blocks

Golden Blocks is a mix between coral gardens and sandy areas with almost all coral species represented. It has a coral slope with three sandy alleys in it. The first one starts at 10 m and drops down to 30 – 40 m.

The second slope is like a small canyon with a beautiful little island of corals. At the third slope you will find an impressive gorgonian fan at 22 m and beside it is a small cave. Shallower you have sandy areas with the ‘Golden Blocks’.

Um Sid

Sand eels

Um Sid features abundant fish life and a variety of reef structures which are all in exceptional condition as the site was not dived as frequently in the past as others in Dahab. Entry is through a wide corridor carved into a steeply sloping reef. Dive around and beneath a massive coral tongue until you reach a sandy slope inhabited by garden eels. Follow the slope down into a beautiful coral garden, for advanced divers descend down to 30 meters and view the spectacular giant gorgonians. Here you can spot small longnose hawkfish. Ascend up to 18 meters and end the dive by a slow excursion over the table corals and along a reef wall which is covered in soft corals and anthias, look closely and spot the number of nudibranchs of all varieties.



This dive site covers the south side of the bay in Dahab and is the house reef for Deep Blue Divers. Enter into the shallow sandy area which is good for confined sessions. After this it slopes down into a seagrass area to a depth of about 12m featuring a picturesque leathery anemone. Heading south at about 20m you will find some huge coral formations where you can find a potato grouper. At around 30m there is a little swim-through. Shallow up to find some big healthy table corals, and return towards the shore along a nice coral wall until you hit the seagrass again.